Upstream Oil & Gas

Whether onshore or offshore – We offer compressor solutions for various applications in this segment. The exploration and production of oil and natural gas requires a variety of compressor solutions to meet the demanding requirements of that industry. Different applications at different environments require expert know-how of the compressor solution provider. We offer tailored reciprocating compressor solutions for upstream oil & gas.


Our technical partner, Burckhardt Compression is recognized as the global technology leader in the reciprocating compressor world. With more than 2’000 offshore compressor installations since 1962 we can rely on a proven track record. Marine equipment requires proven design for longest operation and highest safety standards within challenging environments. Reciprocating compressors from us are used in offshore applications for decades. We offer several product lines with individual, reliable and benchmark-setting reciprocating compressor solutions for a broad spectrum of applications.

Gas Transport & Storage

We offer unique, economical solutions for compressing and re-liquefying boil-off gas (BOG) from liquid gases, for gas injection systems for two- or four-stroke marine diesel engines, and for recovering or storing natural gas and other hydrocarbons at land or offshore installations.


We offer a complete range of API 618 Process Gas Compressor systems with the highest possible availability and lowest life cycle costs for all oil refining processes that require reciprocating compressors.

Petrochemical/Chemical Industry

The production of a vast range of petrochemical and chemical products such as polyolefin (polymers), lacquers, synthetic rubbers, adhesives and dyes, solvents, paints, fertilizer, detergents or textiles entails, among other things, the processing of oil, natural gas and even coal. Demand for petrochemical and chemical products, especially for polyolefin, will steadily increase worldwide over the long term. In this application area companies will continue their efforts to reduce costs by replacing smaller scale plants with larger ones, establishing strategic production sites, and extending value added-chains. We offer several product lines with individual, reliable and benchmark-setting reciprocating compressor solutions for a broad spectrum of applications such as Ammonia Production, Benezene Production and Chlorine Production

Industrial Gases

Industrial gases such as argon, helium, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are produced in air separation or hydrogen generation plants. The end market for industrial gases is quite broad and encompasses industries as metalworking and metallurgy, chemical companies, energy technology, food manufacturing, green technology, glass manufacturing, electronics, construction, rubber and plastics processing, and healthcare. We offer a wide range of tailored solutions for industries such as Air separation andSyn Gas Handling